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Battery Heated Clothing is our specialty

washable, battery heated socks
Heated Socks
heated cycling gloves
battery heated mittens
Heated Mittens
battery heated vests
Heated Vests
Battery heated motorcycle gloves

Battery Heated Gloves

Windproof, Waterproof, Gloves
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battery heated glove liner - Warmthru

G4 Heated Gloveliners - Black

Even more heat than predecessors,
the G3.
heated vest

Vezzoo Heated Vest

Superior Heat Control Unisex Carbon Fibre Heated Ves
heated mittens - Warmthru

Waterproof Heated Mittens

Windproof and Waterproof, goatskin leather outers, three heat levels.
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Our Range

Warmthru, the UK's Top Battery Heating Clothing Experts.

Okay so what REALLY rocks YOUR boat? Maybe Warmthru’s top class range of Battery Heated Clothing can help get you there!

Warmthru designs, manufactures and sells battery heated clothing products such as battery heated gloves, mittens, socks, rechargeable heated vests, glove liners and hugs for back pain relief. Customers are motorcyclists, sports injury specialists, physiotherapists, Raynauds and other blood circulation challenge sufferers, outdoor sport enthusiasts, skiers, mountaineers, sport fans, hill walkers, hunters, outdoor photographers, yacht enthusiasts, oil rig roustabouts, winter golfers, frozen food factory employees, armed forces, the list is endless.

We are particularly proud of our SuperVezzoo Battery Heated Vest which is a big improvement upon the Vezzoo Heated Vest that is still on sale, a little less expensive for the budget conscious. Here are the improvements:

New battery increasing heat level, and longevity 4-5 HOURS AT MAXIMUM HEAT in continuous use, beat that!
New light weight fabric, meaning it fits more easily on top of a vest and under a heavy jacket. We've clipped the hip areas, guiding the waistline round in an arc, now preventing upward hip pressure on the vest, especially helpful for motorcyclists.
More pockets have been added, with cool, strong, zips. The battery pocket and temperature button control have switched sides from the left to the right helping you if you are a Biker, in particular, change temperature while moving without needing to take your hand off the throttle as with the previous Vezzoo Vest version. The battery pocket has more space - the previous version is manageable but a bit tight.
There are 6 sizes now compared to the previous 5: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Sizes are one step bigger with SuperVezzoo than the previous Vezzoo version, for example SuperVezzoo Large is the equivalent of Vezzoo Medium. All sizes are in stock and available. What are you waiting for?!!!

So what else is so special about Warmthru Battery Heated Clothing?

Well firstly, Warmthru is a British Company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Our products are warehoused in Glasgow (Secret location) which means you get your battery heated gloves, rechargeable heated vest, whatever, really fast, usually within one week. Companies producing rival products are often based abroad, sometimes even in China. By the time you figure this out it’s TOO LATE, you’ve made your purchase, so you just have to wait, and wait. If you have a problem and need to contact them, well, that could also be a problem – how’s your Mandarin?

Secondly, we make our own Warmthru branded batteries. You won’t find cheap AA or AAA batteries in Warmthru products. Warmthru Li-ion batteries have defeated the MEMORY EFFECT which means that ordinary batteries take an increasingly long time to charge and you get a decreasing amount of time and power from them. Not with Warmthru!

Thirdly, Warmthru provides THE BEST customer service. Here is a mobile number +44 (0)7951 291001. Use it and you will usually find a polite human being at the other end depending upon the time of day and how many parties he or she was at last night, occasionally an answering service, never a call centre and your Warmthru Assistant will be on your case right away.

Fourthly, Warmthru battery heated products are just so darn good that you’ll be frothing at the mouth, in a good way, when we help you beat the wind-chill factor stone DEAD, especially those of you in the Biker fraternity who suffer freezing temperatures with every mile per hour they throttle up.

Fifthly, Warmthru takes back pain seriously. So many people suffer from back pain it should be reclassified an epidemic! Try Warmthru’s Battery Heated Hugs which will really help relieve your pain if you are unlucky enough to be a sufferer, especially if you have Raynauds or other blood circulation conditions.

Sixthly, all Warmthru products and accessories are backed up with a One Year Guarantee. Something goes wrong, no problem, Warmthru will replace it free of charge.

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Warmthru heated clothes online Heated socks have allowed me to cycle in Winter in the UK for several hours without my feet becoming numb, I would highly recommend them to anyone who suffers from cold feet...

"..the service provided by Warmthru was excellent, rushing parts to me in time for me to use them for a ski trip - they are worth every penny
Warmthru heated clothing These (Fingerheater) gloves are exactly what I need in mountain cold weather equipment - they work every time and they last a good few seasons of everyday skiing.."

".. that's something that very few items of gear can claim!
Warmthru heated clothes - Feedback J C Wetherby
About Warmthru heated clothes Richard Taylor
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