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Warmthru Hotmitts Leather Heated Mittens: Waterproof

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  1. #Hotmitts - Two Types#

    Warmthru Heated Mittens - Two kinds - Water Resistant and Waterproof
    These are Waterproof. If you prefer Water-Resistant with a Palm Zip Click Here.

    Warmthru Heated Mittens come in two types, Waterproof and Water-Resistant. The Waterproof Heated Mittens  are sealed at the hand for complete protection, the Water-Resistant Hotmitts include a palm-zip, trading complete waterproofing for the convenience of making phone calls or eating a Snickers Bar without removing your Mittens. Both are made using goatskin leather, with an outer button to conveniently change heat on the fly.

    -Water-Resistant Hotmitts (with palm-zip for easy phone calls and snacking without glove removal)
    -Waterproof Hotmitts (No Palm Zip).

    Warmthru Hotmitts come with 7.4v Rechargeable batteries and charger, in fact everything you need without making further purchases.

    -Both Waterproof and Water-Resistant mittens are heat-controlled with top of hand push-button, 
    -Three Heat Levels: Red, White, Blue.
    -Both are Goatskin Leather.

  2. #Hotmitts Temperatures#
    Red: 35-50c (4-5 hrs in continuous use).
    White: 20-35c (6-7hrs in continuous use).
    Blue: 5-20c (8-9hrs in continuous use).
    Single button with three colour/heat Levels.

  3. #Heated Mittens Users#
    People who use Warmthru Battery Heated Mittens:
    Hill Walkers
    Sports Fans
    Anyone exposed to cold temperatures where finger manipulation is not crucial.
    Anyone who is likely to be in very wet conditions at times - these Mitts are Waterproof.
    Anyone who loves the idea of Mittens but values releasing fingers without Mitt removal.
    Raynauds, and other circulatory difficulty, sufferers.

  4. #Heated Mittens Non-Users#
    People who SHOULDN'T use Warmthru Mittens:
    Please note: Warmthru G2 Hotmitts are not suitable for high-activity sports such as skiing where considerable pressure may be brought to bear on the inner palms in particular which could lead to broken wires and connections.

  5. #Hotmitts Come With#
    Warmthru Battery Heated Mittens come with:
    Two Rechargeable Batteries, one per Mitten.
    One Charger.
    One pair of Mittens.

  6. #Warranty#
    One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.