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Battery Heated Gloves

Battery Heated Gloves
Who we are
Battery heated gloves UK & Motorcycle gloves - Warmthru

Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves

Keeping the weather out and the heat in!

Warmthru specialises exclusively in Battery Heated Clothing, providing you with an extensive range of quality products. Our range includes battery heated gloves which help many outdoor men and women face cold weather.

These cover a wide range of applications as they can be used by horse riders, bikers, cyclists. But wait, there's a much longer list of users, here are a few: fishermen, outdoor sport participants, yachtsmen and women, oil rig workers, winter golfers, football and rugby fans, Raynauds and other blood circulation sufferers, nerve-damage sufferers, hunters, outdoor photographers, hill walkers, horse-riders, fork-lift drivers, frozen factory workers and many more.

Dealing with reliable suppliers, we choose the best quality materials to design our battery heated gloves. These mostly come with two rechargeable batteries and one charger. Spare batteries can also be purchased.

Warmthru rechargeable batteries are purpose-built for Warmthru products. They will not suffer from the problems experienced by AA and AAA rechargeable battery users, namely gradually increasing charging times and decreasing longevity.

Warmthru Battery Heated Gloves Main Features:

  • Waterproof and Windproof
  • 1 year Warranty
  • 3.7V or 7.4V Rechargeable Batteries
  • Great Heat!

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Who we are:
Warmthru is the UK's specialist in Battery Heated Clothes, providing an extensive range of products. We are a British Company, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Who we are not:

We are not a Chinese manufacturer retailing in the UK breaking the supply chain. You will not have to wait weeks for your Battery Heated Vest to arrive because our stocks are warehoused in Glasgow. Therefore you can expect delivery within a week if you are in the UK and a great follow up service if you need help.

G6 Fingerheater Battery Heated Gloves

Warmthru G6 'Hyperion' Fingerheater Gloves

Hyperion was one of 10 Titans of Greek Mythology, he was the Lord of Light and Titan of the East. It is fitting, therefore, that we should name our newly developed, fifth generation, powerful G5 (Hyper-ion) Fingerheater Gloves after him.

G6 Fingerheaters do just what their name implies - they heat fingers and they also heat hands. Powered by Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries they have been redesigned to be more efficient, with some impressive new features such as Carbon Fibre heating technology.

(50 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 147.50(172.09 €)
(-28.81%) £ 105.00(122.51 €)
Thermo Battery Heated Motorcycle Gloves, Breathable, Black
In Stock
£ 199.20(232.41 €)
(-37.75%) £ 124.00(144.67 €)
Warmthru G3 Heated Gloveliners - Black (Limited Sizes)
(49 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 129.50(151.09 €)
(-16.22%) £ 108.50(126.59 €)
Warmthru G3 Heated Gloveliners- Grey (Limited Sizes)
In Stock
£ 129.50(151.09 €)
(-16.22%) £ 108.50(126.59 €)
Warmthru G4 Fingerheater Windproof & Waterproof Gloves
(50 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 129.50(151.09 €)
(-8.49%) £ 118.50(138.26 €)
Warmthru G4 Heated Gloveliners - Black
(48 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 162.50(189.59 €)
(-14.34%) £ 139.20(162.41 €)
Warmthru Hotmitts Leather Heated Mittens: Water Resistant

(50 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 162.00(189.01 €)
(-23.77%) £ 123.50(144.09 €)
Warmthru Hotmitts Leather Heated Mittens: Waterproof

(49 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 162.00(189.01 €)
(-23.77%) £ 123.50(144.09 €)
WT2 Heated Gloveliners
(47 Item(s) In Stock)
£ 156.50(182.59 €)
(-26.84%) £ 114.50(133.59 €)