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G6 Fingerheater Battery Heated Gloves

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  1. #G6 Heated Glove Sizes#
    Four Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

  2. #G6 Heated Gloves Main Features#

    Warmthru G6 Battery Heated Gloves Main Features

    Warmthru G6 Heated Gloves are a big step forward in comfort and temperature. G6 stands for sixth generation, that's six years listening to you, the customer, five design changes, five improvements. There are BIG changes in G6s, not the least of which is that they are now Waterproof!

    -Warmthru G6 Heated Gloves
    have no heat elements, they use Carbon Fibre Heat Pads, a Conductive Heated Fabric 
    -G6 Heated Gloves are Windproof and Waterproof.
    -Warmthru Heated Gloves have two carbon-fibre heat pads per glove, one above fingers, two below fingers on palm.
    -Two types: Standard - one 3.7V batteries per glove (2 altogether)
    -Two types: Deluxe - two 3.7V batteries per glove (4 altogether)
    NEW (More Heat)
    -Heated Gloves Additional Accessory: Two 1.3M cables for relocating battery into shirt pocket, connecting via sleeve (buy separately on Accessory page) 
    -Warmthru Heated Gloves come with Tough rubber palm fabric for better grip.
    -G6 Fingerheater Gloves come with Wide, flared wrist for easy pull over jacket wrist
    -Heated Gloves come with Cord-Pull on wrist to finally tighten
    -Car-charger plugs Warmthru Batteries into car cigarette lighter so you can charge batteries on the move (buy separately on Accessory page).

    Warmthru G6 Gloves come with rechargeable batteries and charger - you get the full kit.

    G6 Warmthru Heated Gloves use Slim batteries for lighter weight - simple on-off switch on Warmthru battery.
    G6 Fingerheaters display 3mm reflective piping for increased visibility.
    Warmthru Heated Gloves have Impact protection bumps to protect fingers and knuckles - note that they are not up to motorcycle glove standard so we do not recommend G6 Heated Gloves
    for use on a motorcycle. 

  3. #Temperature#
    35-50c. for around 4 hours

  4. #G6 heated Glove Packages#
    Heated Glove pair.
    2 x 3.7v batteries with charger (Standard).
    4 x 3.7v batteries with charger (Deluxe).

    Travel Adaptor if purchased from outside the UK.
    Instruction Manual.