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Battery Heated Mittens

Battery Heated Mittens
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Warmthru battery heated mittens

Warmthru Battery Heated Mittens 

The best Battery Heated Mittens from Warmthru guarantee toasty warm hands

Warmthru Battery heated Mittens heat your hands top and palm because there are two heat elements per mitten, operated from a single button on the outside of the mitt, with three heat levels.

There are two types of Warmthru Heated Mittens:

Water Resistant:

  • Zip on the palm which allows hand entry and exit without removing Mitten. The convenience of making phone calls or eating snacks has to be measured against the absence of complete waterproofing which is due to the limitations of this particular design.
  • One Year Warranty on all Products & Accessories


  • No Zip on the palm
  • One Year Warranty on all Products & Accessories

If you buy a pair of battery heated mittens online, you'll receive a complete kit including batteries and charger. For further technical information, please contact our team.

You won't have to buy anything else. Your mitten kit comes with everything you need including a Warmthru battery charger. Our Warmthru batteries are purpose-built.

Warmthru Heated Clothing never use third party batteries such as AA or AAA rechargeables, most of which suffer from the memory effect meaning that after a short while those batteries take an increasingly long time to charge, and you get decreasingly less time and power from them as time goes on. Ours don't!

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Who we are:
Warmthru is the UK's specialist in Battery Heated Clothes, providing an extensive range of products. We are a British Company, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Who we are not:

We are not aChinese manufacturer retailing in the UK breaking the supply chain. You will not have to wait weeks for your Battery Heated Vest to arrive because our stocks are warehoused in Glasgow. Therefore you can expect delivery within a week if you are in the UK and a great follow up service if you need help.

Warmthru G2 Hotmitts Batteries with Charger
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£ 52.00(60.67 €)
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Warmthru Hotmitts Leather Heated Mittens: Water Resistant

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£ 162.00(189.01 €)
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Warmthru Hotmitts Leather Heated Mittens: Waterproof

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£ 162.00(189.01 €)
(-23.77%) £ 123.50(144.09 €)