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SealSkinz Hunting, Fishing, Sport

SealSkinz Hunting, Fishing, Sport

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  1. #Unheated Gloves from Warmthru#.
    SealSkinz Hunting, Fishing, Sporting Gloves (No Heated Gloveliners)
    Close fitting gloves with removable thumb and index finger covers. We use our thumb for so many activities, the ability to remove the glove-thumb while keeping the glove on is a big advantage. Designed for a wide range of field sport activities including shooting, fishing and wildlife photography.
    These gloves are engineered with Sealskinz unique waterproof membrane but are NOT waterproof around the removable fingers.

  2. #Features#
    Anatomic design.
    Pre-curved finger form.
    Easy fold-back thumb and index finger covers for precision work.
    Magnetic catches secure folded-back finger and thumb tips (see 'MORE INFO' button).
    3D natural feel providing flexibility.
    Durable Ripstop outer shell fabric.
    Supple sheepskin leather palm for greater grip and feel.
    Coolmax lining for moisture control.
    Mid length, adjustable stretch cuffs.
    2 Year Guarantee on all Sealskinz products.

  3. #Heated Gloves from Warmthru#
    Sealskinz Hunting, Fishing, Sporting Gloves with Heated Liners
    Great heat!
    Complete with everything you need- no additional purchase required.
    2 x 3.7V rechargeable batteries with on-off switch & charger.
    Battery pocket on top of hand- adjustable position.
    Optional armbands come free with product.
    Machine washable (including element!).
    5 hours charge time.
    4 hours heat per battery in continuous use.
    One-size-fits-all (very stretchy).
    Batteries can be charged in car using accessory (purchase separately).

  4.  #Your Order will include:#
    1 pair of Gloveliners.
    2 rechargeable batteries and charger.
    Optional armbands.
    Extension cables.
    One pair of Sealskinz Hunting, Sport, Fishing Gloves.

  5. #Size note#
    You will need a SIZE LARGER than you normally take for your Sealskinz Glove if you are purchasing the heated liner.