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WT2 Heated Gloveliners

WT2 Heated Gloveliners

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  1. #WT2 Gloveliner Main Features#

    Warmthru WT2 Glove Liners Main Features

    -WT2 Warmthru Glove Liners
    offer great heat on four fingers (not thumb)!
    -These Gloveliners come complete with everything you need, no additional purchase required.
    -2 x 3.7V Warmthru rechargeable batteries with on-off switch & charger.
    -Warmthru WT2 Glove Liners have a movable Battery pocket on top of the hand with adjustable positioning.
    -Machine washable (including element!).
    -5 hours charge time to charge two Warmthru Batteries.
    -Charge two Warmthru rechargeable batteries at once using our twin-jack charger.
    -Glove liners heat 4 fingers and top of hand (not thumbs).

    WT2 Gloveliners
    are One-size-fits-all. Note: if you have quite large, maybe X-Large hands you might struggle with WT2's which err on the smaller side, perhaps more suitable for Small or Medium Size hands.
    Warmthru Batteries
    can be charged in car using 12V Car Charger accessory (purchase separately from our ACCESSORIES section).
    Warmthru WT Glove Liners have a One Year Warranty including all parts.

    WT2 Gloveliners offer around 5 hours heat per battery in continuous use.

  2. #Overgloves#
    Gloveliners must be worn with windproof/waterproof gloves to trap the heat.

  3. #Temperature#
    35-45c for around 5 hours.

  4. #Gloveliner Package#
    One pair of Warmthru Gloveliners.

    Two rechargeable Warmthru batteries with on-off switch, and charger (plus travel adaptor if required as standard).
    Warmthru Glove Liners come with 1.3M Extension cables as standard, to relocate battery in chest pocket.
    Instruction Manual

  5. #Sizes#
    One-Size-Only. Note: Small and Medium hands will be fine for this product, probably large too. Larger hands, especially XL or XXL may prove too big despite the fabric's elasticity.

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