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WT2 Heated Gloveliners

WT2 Heated Gloveliners

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  1. #Features#
    Great heat!
    Complete with everything you need- no additional purchase required.
    2x 3.7V rechargeable batteries with on-off switch & charger.
    Battery pocket on top of hand- adjustable position.
    Machine washable (including element!).
    5 hours charge time.
    Around 5 hours heat per battery in continuous use.
    Heats 4 fingers and top of hand (not thumbs).
    Batteries can be charged in car using accessory (purchase separately from our ACCESSORIES section).
    One Year Warranty.

  2. #Overgloves#
    Gloveliners must be worn with windproof/waterproof gloves to trap the heat.

  3. #Temperature#
    35-45c for around 5 hours.

  4. #Package#
    1 pair of Gloveliners.
    2 rechargeable batteries with charger (plus travel adaptor if required).
    Optional armbands.
    Extension cables

  5. #1.3 Metre Cable#
    This cable extension permits a battery to be resituated in a shirt pocket or elsewhere- available from our ACCESSORIES Section.
    Instruction Manual.

  6. #Sizes#
    One-Size-Only. Note: Small and Medium hands will be fine for this product, probably large too. Larger hands, especially XL or XXL may prove too big despite the fabric's elasticity.

  7. #YouTube Video#