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Warmthru Waist Hug Pain Relief (Mains/Battery)

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  1. #Chronic Back Pain#

    If Back pain were an infectious disease it would be declared an epidemic.
    Back Pain is the largest single cause of disability in the UK, with lower back pain alone accounting for 11% of the total disability of the UK population.
    Back pain is
    usually found in the LOWER back. It can start after lifting a heavy item, or twisting or after a heavy movement. It can even occur while working at a computer keyboard. Or as the result of heavy activity such as gardening the previous day, so the source of its sudden appearance can sometimes be tricky to identify.
    Back Pain may be in the form of muscle spasms or tenderness to the touch. Often where you feel the pain may not be the source of the pain so, for example, when suffering Lower Back Pain, pressing an upper thigh muscle directly below may identify a tender muscular area, which when massaged can provide relief to the lower back area. (It's all connected!). This is called Referred Pain.
    Back Pain is less if you are resting and more when active. However advice from physiotherapists and chiropractors is to keep active despite any discomfort to keep muscles and tendons loose and stimulate blood flow.
    Physiotherapists and Chiropractors offer different advice in terms of Back Pain treatment using temperature; in general Physios tend to support heat treatment and Chiros cold treatment although this can vary.
    Please note: back pain is experienced by many people from time to time - it comes and goes, it is part of modern life. However for the unfortunate few, back pain can be a more serious, chronic, condition, such as sciatica or a spinal stress fracture. You should consult your GP if pain persists. However it is the experience of the editor of these words that while GPs are great on so many levels Back Pain is not one of them. I have a chronic condition and recommend either a physiotherapist

  2. #Warmthru Pain-Relief#

    Warmthru Waist Hug offers Battery Mains Pain Relief across the body

    This wonderful pain-relief product is entitled the Warmthru Waist-Hug; despite its specific title, it can be used across the whole body. It will hug your shoulder, your back, your thigh, to help relieve muscle and tendon pain.  Just stretch and Velcro together tightly across the desired area. Note: if your lower back pain is referred pain, for example an upper thigh issue referring pain to the lower back, it may be more beneficial to strap around the upper thigh than the lower back. Try both if necessary. Search for the true source of the pain - you will know when you find it  - pressing the referring area will feel painful so first of all press/massage gently then apply your Waist Hug.

  3. #Battery Mains#

    Warmthru Waist Hug Pain Relief is Battery Mains

    Warmthru's Hug is Battery-Mains
    so you can use this pain control device on the Mains setting while sitting on your armchair or lying in bed. Alternatively, when out walking, driving or simply moving around the house, you can use the Warmthru battery supplied as standard to power the Waist Hug Pain Relief. Both Mains and Battery have heat controls so you can adjust the heat to a level most comfortable for you. The Warmthru battery is rechargeable and comes with a Warmthru charger.

  4. #Back Pain Control Main Features#

    Back Pain Heat Control Main Features
  • One 7.4V Rechargeable 'Smart' Battery with temperature control.
  • One battery Charger.
  • One Mains cable with 3-Heat-Level temperature adjustment.
  • One Mains Unit.
  • One Waist-Hug.
  • One male-male battery connector