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Additional Pair of Warmthru Sports Compression Socks

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  1. #Wear & Wash#

    Wear a pair, Wash a Pair

    You will always have a pair of Warmthru Heated Socks ready for action if you wear a pair and wash a pair.

  2. #Why a Spare Pair#

    Meet us half way, buy the Main Warmthru Heated Socks Product

    Guessing that you already have a pair of Warmthru Heated Socks from us - if not you will need to buy the main product which comes with heat elements and batteries. If you have already done so a spare pair will come in very handy.

#Heat Elements#

How do the Heat Elements fit, run that past me again?

  • There's a neat little pocket in Warmthru Heated Socks, under the toes

  • Heat element slides in.

  • The element cable trails down the outer leg through loops stitched into the sock.

  • Cable connects to the battery which is in a strap-pocket that velcros under the knee.

  • Easy!

  1. #Unique#

    Here are some of the features that make Heated Socks by Warmthru unique:

    • Warmthru Heated Socks are Compression Socks which increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, help prevent cramps and minimise muscle fatigue.

    • The ankle 'joint' enhances activity.

    • An Instep Protector reduces the discomfort of friction.

    • A Toe-Tip Protector makes a roomy space for greater comfort.

    • On the Warmthru Heated Sock calf, a terry-looped texture retains warmth and enhances comfort.

    • An Ankle Protector protects from sprain & friction.

    • The Achilles Tendon Protector in Warmthru Heated Socks reduces the risk of scraping & bruising.

    • A Heel Protector guards against pressure & friction.

    • The Weaving Texture Footbed buffers against impact.

    • An Underfoot Pocket houses the (separate) Heat Element.

    • Each Warmthru Heated Sock uses a 7.4v 'smart' battery, worn under the knee in a special pocket on a Velcro strap.

    • Socks are available in S,M,L,XL sizes.