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Pain Relief

Heated Back Pain Hugs
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Warmthru back pain relief

Warmthru Heated Back Pain Hugs

Warmthru Heated Back Pain Hugs help relieve pain, for example when muscles or tendons become locked perhaps due to spinal stress.

Physiotherapists often recommend the application of heat to the locked area. Warmthru Heated Hugs can do so. Note that pain can often be 'referred' which means that the locked up area may be in a different place to where you are currently feeling the pain. For example lower back pain can sometimes be sourced in locked-up upper thigh muscles. It's worth 'searching around' to find if that is the case. When you do locate the source of the pain it can be a great relief to massage that area manually, then apply heat.

Main Features

  • Battery & Mains
  • Use Warmthru Batteries when outside or mobile, Mains when near a plug socket.
  • Our Hugs are kits so you get everything you need in your package including rechargeable battery with charger. No further purchases required.
  • One Year Warranty on all Warmthru Products & Accessories.

Who uses Warmthru Heated Hugs

  • People experiencing moderate to severe back-pain, and also pain elsewhere such as upper thighs, arms etc.
    (people with medical issues, please consult your GP, doctor, first, before purchasing).

If you'd like to have further information about Warmthru Battery Heated Hugs, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team. We'll gladly help.

Warmthru Hugs...for that mmm...back pain relief feeling!

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Who we are:
Warmthru is the UK's specialist in Battery Heated Clothes, providing an extensive range of products. We are a British Company, based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Who we are not:
We are not a Chinese manufacturer retailing in the UK breaking the supply chain. You will not have to wait weeks for your Battery Heated Vest to arrive because our stocks are warehoused in Glasgow. Therefore you can expect delivery within a week if you are in the UK and a great follow up service if you need help.

Back Pain is a Misery:

the Warmthru Hug can help

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