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Warmthru Heated Socks

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  1. #Warmthru Heated Socks Features#.

    Warmthru Heated Socks Main Features

    -Warmthru Battery Heated Socks provide heat directly to the toes.

    -Warmthru Battery Heated Socks

     increase oxygen delivery

    -Warmthru Battery Heated Socks

     decrease lactic acid build-up.

    -Warmthru Battery Heated Socks

     help prevent cramps.

    -Warmthru Battery Heated Socks

     minimise muscle fatigue.

    -Warmthru Battery Heated Socks

     hold muscles and tendons tight.

    3-4 hours of heat per battery in continuous use at 100%
    4-5 hours of heat per battery in continuous use at 75%
    5-6 hours of heat per battery in continuous use at 50%

  2. #Raynauds Syndrome#

    Warmthru Battery Heated Socks

     are popular with Raynauds sufferers who have problems getting blood supply to the toes. If your toes become painful when exposed to cold temperatures you might be suffering from Raynauds Syndrome. The affected area can turn white or even blue then red. Raynauds has a spectrum of expressions, some more severe than others. Attacks can last from minutes to hours. Women are more likely to suffer from Raynauds. Warmthru Battery Heated socks help restore blood supply which is lost to the toes with Raynauds Syndrome sufferers.

  3. #Sports Injuries

     & Nerve Damage#

    Sports injuries and Nerve Damage

    Warmthru Heated Clothing supplies Battery Heated Socks and other products such as Battery Heated Gloveliners and Lower Back Hugs to physiotherapists for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. For example Tendons and Muscles can Knot Up, sometimes to protect parts of the body from further damage, in the event of even a relatively minor incident such as a 'bad back'. Applying heat to the affected area can help relax the muscles thereby increasing and improving blood supply.
    Also Warmthru's products can be helpful where there is post-operative nerve-damage which is not uncommon following an operation. Localised feeling can be lost as a result of medical surgery. Warmthru Battery Heated Products can help regenerate damaged nerves by applying heat to the affected area.

  4. #Users#

    -Raynauds sufferers.
    -Sports fans.
    -Outdoor pursuit fans.
    -Yachtsmen (and women).
    -Skiers (although may be difficult using with Ski Boots).

  5. #Your Order will include#

    -One pair of socks

    -Two rechargeable batteries.
    -Two flexible heat elements.
    -One battery charger with two jack-plugs.
    -Two elasticated velcro straps with battery pocket.