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Heated Glove Liners

Battery Heated Glove Liners
Who we are
Battery heated glove liners - Warmthru

The best Battery Heated Glove Liners are at Warmthru

Our skinny Gloveliners happily generate heat inside your normal gloves

As the UK's specialist in Battery Heated Clothes, Warmthru provides you with genuine quality battery heated glove liners. Those are worn under a pair of over-gloves to protect your hands skin from cold. This is because Warmthru Gloveliners produce heat, they do not retain it. 

Over-gloves trap the heat produced by your Warmthru battery heated gloveliners.

We recommend choosing over-gloves that are windproof and waterproof. Warmthru sells some of those on this site. Check out our Sealskinz range which are offered with WT2 Gloveliners and can be purchased with or without the Heat System. So if you are buying, say, G4 Gloveliners and require horse-riding over-gloves, first buy the G4 Gloveliners then the horse-riding gloves without the heat system. We suggest buying over-gloves that are one size larger than your fit because the Warmthru Gloveliners will add a size to your hand.

Warmthru Battery Heated Glove Liners Main Features:

  • Great heat
  • Wear with a variety of over-gloves
  • Help stimulate blood flow to fingertips
  • Help stimulate nerve endings
  • Portable
  • Battery relocation options via armbands & cables
  • Used by physiotherapists
  • Used by Raynauds sufferers
  • Used to help aid blood circulation to extremities
  • Purpose-built Warmthru batteries
  • G4 & G3 Gloveliners use batteries with heat-control
  • Modular System means parts are easily replaced
  • One Year Warranty on all Products & Accessories

If you buy a pair of battery heated glove liners online, you'll receive a complete kit including batteries and charger. For further technical information, please contact our team.

You won't have to buy anything else. Your Heated Glove Liner kit comes with everything you need including a Warmthru battery charger. Our Warmthru batteries are purpose-built.

Warmthru Heated Clothing never use third party batteries such as AA or AAA rechargeables, most of which suffer from the memory effect meaning that after a short while those batteries take an increasingly long time to charge, and you get decreasingly less time and power from them as time goes on.

You can also visit our range of Battery Heated Gloves & Accessories.

Who we are:
Warmthru is the UK's specialist in Battery Heated Clothing, providing an extensive range of products. We are a British Company, based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Who we are not:

We are not a Chinese manufacturer retailing in the UK breaking the supply chain. You will not have to wait weeks for your Battery Heated Vest to arrive because our stocks are warehoused in Glasgow. Therefore you can expect delivery within a week if you are in the UK and a great follow up service if you need help.

Cycling Gloves: Waterproof, Windproof, Battery Heated
WarmthruWaterproof and Windproof Cycling Gloves will protect your hands from theworst effects of cold temperatures and wind chill as you cycle. Heat elementscover the back of the glove hand and fingers up to the fingertips. CyclingGloves are washable (hand-wash).

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Warmthru G3 Heated Gloveliners - Black (Limited Sizes)
Great 7.4V Heat, wear under overgloves.
Beware Cheap Imitations!
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Warmthru G3 Heated Gloveliners- Grey (Limited Sizes)
Great 7.4V Heat. Wear under Overgloves.
Beware Cheap Imitations.
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Warmthru G4 Heated Gloveliners - Black
Warmthru Best Selling Heated Liners.
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WT2 Heated Gloveliners
Washable, Rechargeable, 3.7V Heated Gloveliners.
They're Warmthru - Beware Cheap Imitations!
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