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Warmthru G4 Fingerheater Windproof & Waterproof Gloves

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  1. #Users#

    Users of G4 Fingerheater Gloves

    See below


    Sports Fans



  2. #Non-Users#
    Motorcyclists (impact protection not strong enough).
    Cyclists (generous padding may impede gear change).

  3. #Batteries#

    Warmthru G4 Fingerheater Gloves come with either two 3.7v batteries (Standard) or four batteries (Deluxe).

  4. #Size Restrictions#

    Medium and Large sizes available only.

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  6. #Warranty#
    One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
G4 Battery Heated Fingerheater Gloves

Warmthru Battery Heated Gloves, also known as Fingerheaters heat the palm, also the upper hand and fingers using two elements, each powered using a single 3.7v battery. Choose whether you want palm, upper hand or both powered up. Warmthru Heated Glove batteries sit in discrete glove pockets with velcro closures. Fingerheaters are well padded with wrist tighteners and a Velcro wrist-pull to keep wind and water from entering the wrist area. Warmthru Heated Gloves are windproof and waterproof.

Warmthru G4 Fingerheater Gloves come with either two batteries (Standard) or four batteries (Deluxe).
  • Heats both palm and upper hand / knuckles
  • Choice of two or four batteries
  • Windproof and Waterproof
  • Toasty warm
  • One Year Warranty