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Warmthru G2 Hotmitts Batteries with Charger

Warmthru G2 Hotmitts Batteries with Charger

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Warmthru Heated Mittens Batteries and Charger

Warmthru Hotmitts heat hands hottest, no doubt, guys (and girls)!

Warmthru Heated Mittens have heat pads top of hands and palms too, meaning VERY hot hands.
  • Carbon fibre Heat Pads - no Heat Elements
  • Heat pads top and bottom of each mitt
  • 5 Sizes
  • Elasticated loop in wrist to hang glove (on golf club?)
  • Each Mitt powered by a single battery
Customer reviews
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These are extra batteries I ordered for my heated mitts in case of extreme weather. Light enough and small enough to carry in Jacket pockets.
Welwyn D.