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Warmthru 7.4V Two Jack Charger: UK, EU, or USA

Warmthru 7.4V Two Jack Charger: UK, EU, or USA

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7.4V Warmthru Two Jack Charger:

Either UK, EU, or USA

Warmthru chargers come in three different flavours, UK, EU, USA.

If for some reason we don't have the Warmthru Charger you want we'll send you one you don't want but don't worry, it will be accompanied by a Travel Adaptor that's right for you. Costs us a bit more but, hey, if it makes you happy :-) 
Remember, Warmthru Accessories are purpose built for Warmthru Heated Clothing products. We cannot guarantee they will work with other brands.

Enjoy your Warmthru Accessory.  By the way, all Warmthru heated Clothing products and accessories offer a one year Warmthru Manufacturer Guarantee.