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Warmthru 7.4v Heat Control Battery Pair & Charger

Warmthru 7.4v Heat Control Battery Pair & Charger
#Warmthru 7.4V Battery Pair & Charger#

Warmthru 7.4V Battery Pair & Charger

7.4v Lithium ion batteries by Warmthru are purpose-built for some of our products, not all. Others use 3.7v.

Warmthru 7.4v batteries are Smart Batteries.  A button on the battery is for heat control, allowing you to regulate heat. There are four heat levels: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. Choose between more time or more heat. Your choice. That's democracy!  They beep when they need charged, it's a gentle reminder, just so that you know.

Heat time and battery longevity vary according to the product because some have bigger draws than others. Generally speaking expect between 2-5 hours. If you already purchased a Warmthru heated clothing product that uses Warmthru 7.4v batteries, then these will be spare batteries for you. This  accessory is right for you.

If you haven't already purchased a warmthru product that uses 7.4v batteries, better do so now.Remember, Warmthru Accessories are purpose built for Warmthru Heated Clothing products. We cannot guarantee they will work with other brands.

Enjoy your Warmthru Accessory

By the way, all Warmthru heated Clothing products and accessories offer a one year Warmthru Manufacturer Guarantee.
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