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Battery Heated Vests

Battery Heated Vests
Who we are
Warmthru battery heated vests

Battery Heated Vests of the finest Quality

Hugging your upper body like a toasted sandwich!

Warmthru makes genuine quality heated vests powered by Li-ion batteries. These can be used in a vast array of applications: worn by sportsmen, yachtsmen, fishermen, outdoor sport enthusiasts and many others. We even have an Anaesthetist wearing out vest during operations.

"I'll be honest with you, our Vests may not be the cheapest but they ARE certainly the best"Jack Gold, Director, Warmthru

They can be worn by fans in cold sports arenas. HM forces, hill walkers, mountaineers, outdoor photographers, frozen food factory employees, explorers - they are all customers of Warmthru.

Our Vezzoo Heated Vests are highly appreciated for their efficiency. Warmthru SuperVezzoo Heated Vests are the latest version with a few design alterations and ergonomic improvements as follows:

SuperVezzoo Improvements

  • Batteries last 4-5 hours on max charge
  • Power button moved to right chest from left chest so that motorcyclists can change heat on the move without using (right) throttle hand.
  • More pockets
  • Cool design
  • Thinner fabric for better undergarment performance

If you'd like to have further information about Warmthru batteryheated jackets, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team. We'll gladly help.

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Who we are:
Warmthru is the UK's specialist in Battery Heated Clothes, providing an extensive range of products. We are a British Company, based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Who we are not:
We are not a Chinese manufacturer retailing in the UK breaking the supply chain. You will not have to wait weeks for your Battery Heated Vest to arrive because our stocks are warehoused in Glasgow. Therefore you can expect delivery within a week if you are in the UK and a great follow up service if you need help.

Warmthru Carbon Fibre Heated Vest: Push Button Technology
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Warmthru G2 Rechargeable Heated Vest SuperVezzoo
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Warmthru Vezzoo-SuperVezzoo Vest: Spare Battery
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