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Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: (Limited Sizes - also See 'SuperVezzoo')

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Warmthru Vezzoo Vest - See Video Tab below

Warmthru Vezzoo Temperatures

  • Three Heat Level Temperatures
  • Red: 40c 2-3 Hours
  • Amber: 38c 3-4 Hours
  • Green: 34c 4-5 Hours

  1. #Warmthru Vest Sizing#

    The Warmthru Vezzoo Vest sizing errs on the small side so if you normally take Large, best order Extra-Large etc. Do check the Size Chart image. There are 3 Sizes Remaining: M,L,XL. Please look at our new SuperVezzoo Vest - all sizes are in stock.

  2. #Warmthru Warranty#
    One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

  3. #New Warmthru SuperVezzoo#
    The NEW Warmthru SuperVezzoo Vest can be found further below - it is a redesign of this Product with new and improved features.

  4. #Warmthru Vezzoo YouTube#

  5. #Temperatures#

The Warmthru Vezzoo Battery Heated Vest is a lightweight undergarment with heat panels front and back for  maximum heat. Powered by a single Lithium Ion battery situated in a discrete waist pocket you'll really feel the heat while benefiting from three heat levels controlled by an external heat control button with which you can choose either more time or more heat. Want maximum heat all the time - no problem?!

Who uses Warmthru Battery Heated Vests?
Motorcyclists, Fishermen, Hunters, Outdoor Photographers, Yachtsmen, Frozen Food factory Workers, Hill Walkers, USA Anaesthetists (Yes, really!), Oil Rig Workers, Outdoor Pursuit Activists, Sports Fans...and more.

How should I wear my Warmthru Heated Vest?

Director's advice: wear a T-Shirt with your Vezzoo on top. Then, importantly, a heavy jacket to trap the heat.

Warmthru Heated Vest: Easy push-button Heat-Control with three colour-coded heat levels: red, amber, green.Warmthru Heated Vest: Powered by one small and lightweight rechargeable 7.4V, 4400 mAh Lithium Ion Battery.Warmthru Heated Vest: Great heat - two heat panels front and one large panel on back.Warmthru Heated Vest: Three heat level temperatures/times: Red-40c/2-3hrs, Amber-38c/3-4hrs, Green-34c/4-5hrsWarmthru Heated Vest: Battery comes with dedicated charger and can be recharged 500 times before replacing.

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Size : Extra LargeExtra Battery : No additional batteryCharger - which country: : UK
Great Product!
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : MediumAdditional Battery : No additional batteryCharger - which country: : UK
Looks to be super quality.
David W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : MediumAdditional Battery : No additional batteryCharger - which country: : UK
Appears to be well made and certainly does heat-up quite nicely. As this is new, I can't vouch for it's reliability at this stage.
M S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : MediumAdditional Battery : Additional battery (no charger): £55.00Charger - which country: : UK
Brilliant clothing at a fantastic price. I can't rate it high enough.
Phillip C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : LargeAdditional Battery : No additional batteryCharger - which country: : UK
My husband is very pleased with the surprise present, but hasn't had the weather to try it yet, hence 4 stars for now. He thinks it looks promising for a windy golf course, especially the length of time it stays warm for should see him through 18 holes.
Rose W.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : Extra LargeAdditional Battery : No additional batteryCharger - which country: : UK
Well made and Quality service.
Michael E.