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Hotmitts Heated Leather Mittens: Water Resistant

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Charger type :
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  1. #Two Types#
    Water-Resistant (with palm-zip for easy phone calls and snacking without glove removal)
    Waterproof (No Palm Zip).
    Both heat-controlled with top of hand push-button, with three Levels: Red, White, Blue.
    Both Goatskin Leather.

  2. #Temperatures#
    Red: 35-50c (4-5 hrs in continuous use).
    White: 20-35c (6-7hrs in continuous use).
    Blue: 5-20c (8-9hrs in continuous use).
    Single button with three colour/heat Levels.

  3. #Users#
    Hill Walkers
    Sports Fans
    Anyone exposed to cold temperatures where finger manipulation is not crucial.
    Anyone who is not going to be exposed to torrential rain as these Mittens are Water-Resistant, not Waterproof.
    Anyone who loves the idea of Mittens but values releasing fingers without Mitt removal.
    Raynauds, and other circulatory difficulty, sufferers.

  4. #Non-Users#
    Anyone likely to be exposed to regular torrential rain.
    Please note: Warmthru G2 Hotmitts are not suitable for high-activity sports such as skiing where considerable pressure may be brought to bear on the inner palms in particular which could lead to broken wires and connections.

  5. #Comes With:#
    Two Rechargeable Batteries, one per Mitten.
    One Charger.
    One pair of Mittens.

  6. #Warranty#
    One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.