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Warmthru Heated Vest: Spare Battery

Warmthru Heated Vest: Spare Battery

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  1. #Spare Battery - Why?#

    Warmthru Vezzoo and SuperVezzoo Vest - Spare Battery

    A Warmthru Vezzoo or SuperVezzoo Vest Spare Battery can be discretely tucked away until required, when your main battery runs out. So if you are on a long motorbike journey, or hike, you can continue to stay warm with a fully charged spare battery at your disposal. Be aware, carry a spare!

    -Carry a Warmthru spare battery for every long journey.
    -Charge two at a time with our twin-jack charger which comes as standard.
    -Keep your spare in one of the Vest Pockets

    Up to ten hours total heat time on Maximum when you carry a Warmthru Battery spare

  2. #Vezzoo & SuperVezzoo Pockets#
    Each of the Heated Vests by Warmthru has several pockets, suitable for carrying a spare battery, the Vezzoo has four pockets including the main battery pocket, the SuperVezzoo has five pockets.