Warmthru G4 Heated Gloveliners - Black

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  1. #Features#
    Even more heat than predecessors, G3, which are a little less expensive, and still available on this site!
    Now with additional 1.3M Extension Cable to relocate battery in shirt or jacket pocket if preferred (Available on product page or separately in 'Accessories'). 
    Carbon Fibre technology - Conductive Heated Fabric. 
    Heat in fingers AND thumbs.
    Should be worn with windproof-waterproof Over-gloves. We may supply overgloves, Ski Gloves, with some sizes Free of Charge but stocks are low.
    Comes complete with everything you need including battery charger.
    Battery pocket on top of hand (Or use Armbands supplied).
    Ergonomically re-designed pocket includes transparent strip for easy temperature adjustment. 
    Armband option (armband, extension cables & pocket supplied free as Standard.
    No additional purchases are required.
    2 x 7.4V rechargeable batteries with heat control & charger.
    Easy Dial index finger light fabric permits mobile phone keystroking
    Sponge lightly to wash- do not tumble.
    Charge batteries in car using separate accessory (purchase separately or on product page).
    4 sizes- S, M, L, XL.
    3 hours of heat per battery in continuous use at 100% (35-45c)
    4 hours of heat per battery in continuous use at 75% (25-35c)
    5 hours of heat per battery in continuous use at 50% (15-25c)

    5 hours charge time.
    Fashionable look and feel.
    Tiny rubber gel dots on fabric to increase overglove grip.

  2. #G3&G4 Models#
    The difference between grey G3 and black G3 or G4 Gloveliners is simple - grey have no battery pocket on top of the hand and rely entirely upon the armband where another battery pocket is housed. The black G3/G4 gloveliners include a pocket on top of the hand, and therefore offer both options. The G4 Gloveliners are the latest model ('G' is for Generation).

  3. #Package#
    1 pair of black G4 Gloveliners.
    2 rechargeable 7.4V batteries with heat control panel.
    Armbands & Extensions to re-situate batteries on forearm or biceps.
    1 battery charger with 2 jacks.
    Free windproof/waterproof Overgloves (stocks low - may not be included)
    Instruction manual.

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