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Warmthru and SealSkinz Winter Horse-Riding Gloves

Warmthru and SealSkinz Winter Horse-Riding Gloves

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  1. #Sealskinz without Warmthru Heated Liners#.
    Rugged but flexible, technical gloves for riding out in colder, wetter conditions. Featuring a greater level of Insulation for increased warmth without moisture build-up.

    Totally Waterproof, Breathable and Windproof.

    Insulation for Extra Warmth.

    Fine sheepskin Leather Palms.

    Reinforced finger crotches to cope with Rein Work.

    Adjustable mid length cuffs to keep the weather out and customise the fit.

    Fleece Wiper on thumb.

    Reflective Piping on back.

    Great control, grip and comfort in the coldest weather conditions.

    Two Year Guarantee on all Sealskinz products.

  2. #Sealskinz with Warmthru Battery Heated Liners#
    Great heat!

    Full Warmthru kit supplied- no additional purchase required.

    2 x 3.7V Warmthru Rechargeable Batteries with on-off switch & charger.

    Battery pocket on top of hand- adjustable position.

    Comes with Warmthru 1.3M Cable Extension for Optional Battery Relocation.

    Machine Washable (including element!).

    5 hours charge time.

    4 hours heat per battery in continuous use.

    One-size-fits-all (very stretchy).

    Warmthru Batteries can be charged in car using Car Charger accessory (purchase separately).

  3. #Your Order will include#
    One Pair of Warmthru Battery Heated WT2 Gloveliners.

    Two Warmthru Rechargeable Batteries with Warmthru Charger.

    One 1.3 Metre Extension Cable.

    One pair of Sealskinz Horse-Riding Gloves.

  4. #Size Note#
    You will need a SIZE LARGER than you normally take for your Sealskinz Glove if you are purchasing the heated liner.