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Waist Hug Pain Relief (Mains/Battery)

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  1. #Pain-Relief#
    This wonderful pain-relief product is entitled Waist-Hug; despite its specific title, it can be used across the whole body. It will hug your shoulder, your back, your thigh, to help relieve muscle and tendon pain. 

    It is Battery/Mains so you can use it while sitting on the armchair, lying in bed or out walking - just plug it in to the mains.

  2. #Features#
    One 7.4V Rechargeable 'Smart' Battery with temperature control.
    One battery Charger.
    One Mains cable with 3-Heat-Level temperature adjustment.
    One Mains Unit.
    One Waist-Hug.
    One male-male battery connector.