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Two 3.7V Li-ion Batteries - No Charger

Two 3.7V Li-ion Batteries - No Charger

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Ref: HC-Pair-3.7V-NoCharger

  1. #Li-ion 3.7v Batteries by Warmthru#

    3.7 Lithium ion 3.7v batteries by Warmthru are purpose-built for some of our products, not all. Others use 7.4V.
    3.7v batteries have an on-off switch, but no heat control, which acts as a product switch. Heat time and battery longevity vary according to the product because some have bigger draws than others. Generally speaking expect between 2-5 hours.
    If you already purchased a product that uses 3.7v batteries from Warmthru, then these will be spare batteries for you and you will already have a charger so no additional charger is required. This product is right for you.
    If you haven't already purchased a warmthru product that uses 3.7v batteries, better do so now. This product may not be right for you otherwise.