Heated Motorcycle Gloves

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Additional Battery Pair :
  1. #Temperatures/Times#
    Three temperatures/times:
    Red-35-45c: 8hrs. (6-7 hours)
    White-20-35c:11hrs. (8-9 Hours)
    Blue-5-20c:14hrs. (10-11 Hours)

    Temperature is best described as one of ambient warmth rather than intense heat.

  2. #Features#
    * Windproof and Waterproof.

    * Comes with two rechargeable batteries as standard.
    * Extremely tough Impact protection bumps protect fingers and knuckles - they are also reflective to increase visibility.
    * Latest tech carbon fibre heat pad across top of hand killing wind-chill.
    * Works with a single battery per glove in concealed weather-protected pocket.
    * Tough goatskin leather fabric!
    * Slim batteries for lighter weight.

    * Flared wrist with two easy velcro tighteners
    * Latest tech push button outside of glove for three heat levels, each with its own colour: red, white, blue 
    * No tricky cord-pull on wrist to finally tighten - we've dispensed with that.

  3. #Warranty#
    One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

  4. #Notes#
    No two glove pairs are the same. Temperatures can vary and exceed those stated here, sometimes also from glove to glove. The above temperature figures are based upon test results in continuous use.