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Warmthru Carbon Fibre Heated Vest: Push Button Technology

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  1. #Warmthru Vest Sizing#
    The Warmthru Vezzoo Vest sizing errs on the small side so if you normally take Large, best order Extra-Large etc. Do check the Size Chart image. There are 3 Sizes Remaining: M,L,XL. Please look at our new SuperVezzoo Vest - all sizes are in stock.

  2. #Warmthru Warranty#
    One Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

  3. #New Warmthru SuperVezzoo#
    The NEW Warmthru SuperVezzoo Vest can be found further below - it is a redesign of this Product with new and improved features.

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  5. #Warmthru Features#

    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Easy push-button Heat-Control with three colour-coded heat levels: red, amber, green.
    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Powered by one small and lightweight rechargeable 7.4V, 4400 mAh Lithium Ion Battery.
    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Great heat - two heat panels front and one large panel on back.
    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Three heat level temperatures/times: Red-40c/2-3hrs, Amber-38c/3-4hrs, Green-34c/4-5hrs
    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Battery comes with dedicated charger and can be recharged 500 times before replacing.
    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Certified CE and ROHS Compliant.
    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Zip close down middle plus two zipped side-pockets and one zipped breast-pocket.
    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Fashionable, stylish and 'cool'.
    • Warmthru Vezzoo Vest: Totally safe (within reasonable bounds of behaviour and usage).