Heated Motorcycle GlovesHeated Motorcycle Gloves  Ref: PEMCGG1
Warmthru's new Heated Motorcycle Gloves
are a fantastic new product,
not just because we say so - after all we would
say that wouldn't we,
rather because of the impressive specifications
and quality standards they meet.
Yes, they are expensive but you DO get a lot of
bangs for your bucks so to speak.

They are windproof, waterproof,
breathable and made with tough
Goatskin Leather.

Powered by one
7.4v battery, you'll get 7-8 hours
at 30-40C, 5-6 hours at 40-50C and 3-4 hours at 50-60C.
The question is: how hot do you want
'em and how long for?!

There are three heat levels with easy
access at the touch of an external button.

The level of impact protection is second to
none so your hands are heavily protected
if you are unfortunate enough to come off
your bike.

1 Button switch function

1.1 Button switch has five modes of power output,
they are preheat level, high level, medium level, low level, and Off.

(1) Preheat : 100% power output
(2) High : 75% power output
(3) Medium : 50% power output
(4) Low : 30% power output
(5) Off: 0% power output

1.2 When the system is in Off state?press and hold the power button for 1.5-3 seconds ,
Red LED flashes brighten gradually, the system will start on the Preheat level.
Timing five minutes. During Preheat?

(1) Press the power button once to High level directly, will display the red light.
(2) Will start on Medium level automatically if you do not press more than five minutes,
will display the white light.

On Preheat level, will display the flash red light.

1.3 After the system starts , the power button controls three actions:
high, medium and low independently , and in this order cycle.
Each action must be lit in the corresponding LED indicator.

(1) Red LED lights when selecting high level, press the power button
once to Medium level.
(2) White LED lights when selecting Medium level, press the power button
once to Low level.
(3) Blue LED lights when selecting Low level, press the power button
once to high level.

1.4 No matter what the current system is in working condition ,
press and hold the power button 1.5-3 seconds will enter STOP status,
indicator LED gradually extinguished, no output power.