Heated Clothing

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NEW CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER: 07951 291001 +44 (0) 7951 291001

Aiming to keep new and existing customers happy with a direct mobile phone number. Any questions?

¨Warmthru products are in a permanent state of evolution¨

  • G3 Gloveliners
  • WT2 Gloveliners
  • G2 Hotmitts
  • Vezzoo Heated Vest
  • G4 Fingerheaters
  • sports injury hot cold pain relief
  • Heated Socks
  • heated sports compression socks

Great News - Warmthru has a brand new Product - Heated Motorcycle Gloves
Warmthru Heated Mittens - they heat hands hottest!

Customer Testimonials:

"these (Fingerheater) gloves are exactly what I need in mountain cold weather equipment - they work every time and they last a good few seasons of everyday skiing.."
".. that's something that very few items of gear can claim!"
Viv Horwitz

"You guys are a model for customer service. Amazing. Less than one week ago I ordered my new gloves and waistcoat on your website that is so easy to use you could teach Amazon a few things and today the parcel arrived in China."
Richard Taylor
Siemens Finance and Leasing Ltd.

"Jack, your heated socks product is the best I've found for keeping my feet warm - if you would like a testimonial for your site then I'm happy to give you a good review."
John Quantrill.

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Warmthru Products, in a Permanent State of Evolution!

Warmthru products are in a permanent state of evolution because the technologies we use are always changing.

Warmthru is a privately owned UK Company, based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. We design, manufacture, import, export, wholesale and retail our products. We have Distributors and Dealers in many countries. See Dealers page, top right, for further details. If you are outside the UK and wish to sell Warmthru products please contact Warmthru for further details.

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