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G4 Fingerheater Gloves - £85.00

Heated Clothing | Heated Gloves |  G4 Fingerheater Gloves - £85.00

G4 Fingerheater Windproof & Waterproof Gloves

G4 Fingerheater Windproof & Waterproof Gloves

(Video, 3D View and Product Details Below)

Ref: AB-G4FH

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Price: £85.00 / €96.05 (Including VAT at 20%)


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Product Details


A range of heated clothing designed to keep you warm in cold conditions.
Winter Sports, Spectator Sports, Hikers, Hunters, Fishermen, Senior Citizens, Bird Watchers, Photographers...etc.

* Windproof and Waterproof.
* Two Elements per glove, top of fingers and palm (NEW).
* Two batteries capability per glove (one battery only per glove supplied with 'Standard', 4 with 'Deluxe') (NEW).
* Tough rubber palm fabric for better grip.
* Hidden velcro battery pockets replace previous zippers (NEW).
* Wide, flared wrist for easy pull over jacket wrist (NEW).
* Cord-Pull on wrist to finally tighten (NEW).
* Car-charger - plugs in to car cigarette lighter attachment so you can charge batteries on the move (NEW - available as Accessory).
* Slim batteries for lighter weight.
* 3mm reflective piping for increased visibility.
* Temperature range: 35-40c.
* One fully charged 3.7V battery produces around 4 hours+ heat per charge, running continuously.
* Impact protection bumps protect fingers and knuckles.

Director's note:

Now we have simplified our highly successful Fingerheater Glove package alongside this latest feature upgrade. For the first time ever, Fingerheaters come in a box along with batteries in a choice of two packages - Standard and Deluxe.
Standard is simple with two batteries, one per glove although please bear in mind that each glove has a capacity for two, one dual charger, inner gloves for additional comfort, and gloves - that's it, and it's enough to get you started.
Deluxe has four batteries two per glove. Four sizes; Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. If you want more accessories such as armbands for the replacement of batteries on the forearm or biceps, or car charger, go the to Accessories section and add them to your Basket.

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G4 Fingerheaters
G4 Fingerheaters

Extra Info

Fingerheaters do just what their name implies - they heat fingers. Powered by Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries they have been redesigned to be more efficient, with some impressive new features.

Fingerheaters are waterproof and windproof. Great for hillwalkers, yachtpersons, outdoor sports enthusiasts, sport fans, hunters, photographers...the list is endless, but I should also mention senior citizens many of whom suffer from circulation difficulties such as Raynauds.

Heat-wise, in tests they stabilise at 35c for 3-3.5hrs in continuous battery use.

We have made a real effort with the forthcoming design to increase efficiency. The on/off push-button was a neat feature but it over-complicated the wiring. So we have removed the button completely and, instead, offer you an on/off switch on a re-styled battery.

So we are simplifying. 2008 Fingerheaters are less complicated, more efficient, more user-friendly, more versatile and offer greater safety to the user.

The battery pocket is a lot neater now, and less exposed. Previously the pocket sat proud of the glove-top. Now the battery lives inside the glove, hidden away and zipped up. Safety is enhanced with more lumo-strip reflector on the glove surface, also the addition of impact protection bumps across the knuckles and upper hand. Also, we have a rubber visor-wipe blade across the thumb to clear away rogue mud splashes if you are a biker.

All in all, we have really been listening to what our customers have been saying. Many of the above changes are responses to customer comments.

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Heated Clothing | Heated Gloves |  G4 Fingerheater Gloves - £85.00