About Warmthru


Warmthru: http://www.warmthru.com

What is Warmthru?
Warmthru designs, manufactures, retails, wholesales, imports, exports rechargeable battery heated clothing products such as gloves, mittens, socks, vests, gloveliners. Customers are bikers, sports injury specialists, outdoor sport enthusiasts, skiers, mountaineers, sport fans, hill walkers and many more. Warmthru was incorporated in 2009 and each year grows from strength to strength, adding new products and improving existing lines, using new technology where there is a significant development, increasing battery time, functionality and comfort as we move forward.

Is Warmthru purely British?
Warmthru has five retail sales channels in the UK. We also have Distributors abroad including warmthru-dk.com (Denmark), warmthru.us (USA) and Sodiffusion (France). Warmthru takes retail Orders from every part of the world, shipping by courier.

We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have three Members of Staff. I am Jack Gold, Director. Also we have Sam and Natalie. At time of posting Scotland is part of the UK. I hope that in October we will still be part of the UK (sorry if you are voting YES to separation).

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