They’ve arrived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warmthru new Mittens and Motorcycle Gloves are here and in stock.

Hello and welcome to the very first Warmthru Blog.  In the next little while, among other things,  I will be announcing three new additions to our product lines. Please note that photos below are draft prototypes so the Warmthru branding is absent. Also, one or two design features may change.

Today I am delighted to begin with Motorcycle Gloves.


1/ Motorcycle Gloves
Now you may think this is a little odd because Warmthru Glove products have been used by motorcyclists for many years and they are still in high demand.  In many ways our existing ‘Fingerheater’ Heated Gloves have met the needs of motorcyclists in many ways, such as being windproof, waterproof, well-padded and most importantly – HOT!  However we have always been conscious of our other customers’ needs too so the Fingerheaters have not been JUST for bikers, they have also met the requirements for other activities such as hunters, skiers, photographers, sailors, etc who do not need, as one example, the impact protection available for bikers on conventional biking gloves. Our existing lines are therefore a compromise in order to make our Fingerheater Gloves popular across a wide user spectrum. Heated Gloveliners also serve the needs of the activities previously mentioned, however overgloves should also be worn as Gloveliners are designed to produce heat – not to be waterproof or windproof.

That’s why we have decided to design a Warmthru Heated Motorcycling Glove, purely for Bikers, made from goat leather which is tough and waterproof. The Impact protection is impressively robust, the gloves are very comfortable with no awareness of any heat element, largely because the heat is generated from a carbon fibre heat-pad. This pad is basically conductive fabric – the only ‘wiring’ is the cable connecting the battery to the pad. The mesh on the conductive pad does the hard work, conducting the heat across the glove. The pad is located across the top of the hand, from the tips of the fingers to behind the knuckles.

Powered by a single 7.4v battery located in a side pocket, the gloves feature a push-button on the outside of the glove offering easy-touch heat adjustment with three illuminated heat levels: red = hottest; white = medium; blue = coolest. In continuous use expect 4 hours on red @ 70c, 6.5 hours on white @ 55c, 9.5 hours on blue @ 50c.

We expect mass production to be complete, and gloves available to purchase, in 2014.

2/ Heated Mittens

Warmthru has a great new product, Heated Mittens. If you are a regular customer you may already know about our Hottmitts Heated Mittens. Well, these are Hotmitts G2, ‘G’ is for Generation, the first redesign of our original mitten product and it’s a good one. G2 Hotmitts will come in 5 Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and two types: waterproof, water-resistant.


Both types are high quality leather, very comfortable, with carbon-fibre heat pads, one above and one below the fingers. Expect 13 hours heat at 36c, 9 hours heat at 41c or 6 hours heat at 57c, all operated from a push-button on the outer, upper, surface. They are groundbreaking in terms of the battery longevity. They look cool too!

2014-08-07 18.19.49 2014-08-07 18.20.04 2014-08-07 18.20.22

With G2 Hotmitts there’s a handy zip above the palm which can be opened to make a phone call or eat a snickers bar without removing your Mitt. Keeping hold of your phone while wearing the glove is a possible option so that when you feel a vibration or hear a ringtone, or both, simply unzip and respond. We don’t recommend this with a snickers bar :-)

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Mitts.
This leads us onto the reason why we have two types, waterproof and water-resistant. Only the water-resistant Mitts have the handy zip. The reason for this is simple – we cannot physically make the mitt completely waterproof due to the construction of the zip, even with a waterproof zip. There may be some water ingress using the water-resistant variety if you are caught in a blizzard, heavy rain or deep snow. So if waterproof is important to you and a zip would be nice to have but isn’t crucial, maybe best go for the zipless Mitt. That’s it in a nutshell.

Jack Gold, Director

3/ Heated Sports Compression Socks (on sale now)

nicthumbsup DSCF5225-handelement 3 1

These are about to hit our site in the next two weeks.  Similar to our existing sock products the Compression Socks grip the leg tightly offering a very comfortable wearing experience. For those who don’t know, Compression Socks are sometimes used by physios and others for the treatment of Sports injuries because of their holding and gripping capability, however this capacity can also be used to strengthen the leg and foot in order to help PREVENT injury. This, combined with the Warmthru heat capability makes for an exciting new heated product that can help both prevent AND treat sports injuries.

Sports Compression Socks can be used by anybody really but we think by Skiers, Climbers and Hillwalkers in particular.  Or if you are challenged by blood circulation issues such as Raynauds, these socks may well be the product you have been waiting for.

Here are some of the special design/fabric/construction features that make the design of this Warmthru product quite unique:

A/ The ankle ‘joint’ enhances activity.
B/ An Instep Protector’ reduces the discomfort of friction.
C/ A Toe-Tip Protector makes a roomy space for greater comfort.
D/ On the calf, a terry-looped texture retains warmth and enhances comfort.
E/ An Ankle Protector protects from sprain and friction.
F/ The Achilles Tendon Protector reduces the risk of scraping and bruising.
G/ A Heel Protector guards against pressure and friction.
H/ The Weaving Texture Footbed buffers against impact.
I/ An Underfoot Pocket contains the Heat Element.

Sports Compression Socks each use a 7.4v Li-Ion ‘smart’ battery, worn under the knee in a special pocket on a velcro strap, connected to the heat element which is underfoot.

These socks are available in 4 sizes: S, M, L, XL. They are machine washable.

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