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Swany White Mitts (Ladies)

Heated Clothing | Swany Mittens |  Swany White Mitts (Ladies)

Swany White Mitts (Ladies)

Swany White Mitts (Ladies)

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Note 1: these Mittens are very warm but they are NOT HEATED.
Note 2: these Mittens are Water-Resistant, not Waterproof - please disregard any other information to the contrary.

Ref: SWA-TS21-L

In stock

Price: 71.93 / 81.28 (Including VAT at 20%)


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Product Details

Warmthru is working with Swany, the world's most experienced Mitten manufacturer. We are happy to offer Swany Water Resistant and Windproof Mittens to you; the biggest benefit, heat and price-wise, is when you combine them with Warmthru heated gloveliners. Convenience-wise, however, consider how handy it is to be able to unzip your hand out of the Mitt while still wearing it, for example if you need to take an urgent mobile phone call or take a drink or snack or photograph.

Note that the Ladies Gloves have a different sizing to the Gents (see red button above).

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Heated Clothing | Swany Mittens |  Swany White Mitts (Ladies)


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